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Welcome to Teacup Poodles & Yorkie poos.
The place to find the perfect teacup for your family.
Teacup Puppies for sale! Call 228-342-6632
Welcome to our website, the place to find Arkansas Poodles for sale. We are a family run business as well as a reputable breeder, located one hour north Conway Arkansas. We raise Teacup puppies.

Our Puppies are raised in our home. We take great pride in producing sound, well tempered and well socialized puppies. We are poodle breeders who only breed AKC poodles registered poodles from healthy parents.

Our goal is to provide you with a life long companion, one that is full of character. A toy poodle that will bring you years of love. Rasing poodles is an honor to us. We believe they are special gems, full of brilliance and beauty.

As a breeder I feel it's my responsibility to imform you about acquiring your new toy poodle. I hope to educate you about toy poodles, potty training, and health, obedience training. My Mother and I have dedicated ourselves to raising healthy beautiful toy poodles. We are located in Conway, Arkansas. We will welcome you into our home to visit the puppies and parents.

I take the time to socialize all my puppies. I've spent countless hours training, raising, and loving all of my puppies. My puppies live in my home and are usually at my feet. They should quickly adapt to your home and will probably always want to be with you.

You will find that my puppies have a very well balanced temperament because I've spent day and night training them with positive reinforcement and love. I take them for car rides all over town. I don't think you will find poodle puppies else where that have had the socialization experience that my puppies have. I spend many hours with each puppy to train them to be polite and well behaved. An example of their politeness is when I give them a treat they first must sit quietly to receive it.

My puppies get all the love, attention, handling and very important socialization they require to become healthy, well adjusted members of your family.

I have a deep connection with my puppies and dogs. I've been working with dogs all my life. I worked at a vet when I was younger.  My first poodle has been full trained and is a pet therapy dog that visits those who are in nursing homes and hospitals. All of my dogs are trained. Some are more advanced than others.

My puppies are worth more than many of the other puppies you will find elsewhere because because of the unique training and socialization I give them. I socialize my puppies around children and other dogs, and I expose them to.

My full-time job is socializing, raising and training my puppies to become incredibly well behaved pets. Believe it or not, I have very little trouble taking my adult dogs and many of my puppiess everywhere I go. They are, almost without exception, so well behaved that I can take them with me when I go shopping, to the mall, and even into restaurants.

All this exposure to many people and a great variety of situations makes my puppies extremely unique in their comfort level around people and in situations that most dogs cannot handle.

I believe my one a kind training adds value to my puppies.

Since my puppies have been raised in my home with loving care and good guidance, they have great temperaments. Most of them will want to greet you and be loved by you. You will find a huge difference with my puppies character compared to those that come from a pet store.

"I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive." - Gilda Radner
We have sold puppies all over the United States including: Iowa, Mississippi, Florida, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Alabama, New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Hawaii, California, Texas, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada and many more....
Cutest Poodles!
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